Boston Accident Lawyer: Reorganize Injury Law to be like Worker’s Comp

Worker's compensation is a unique form of legal insurance given when an employee is injured during work. Worker's compensation is greatly connected to personal injury law since lawsuits of negligence can be filed to respective employers if the medical benefits and wage settlements are not given to the affected parties. According to an article posted on Columbia Tribune, accidents, personal injuries, and workers-compensation are the reasons why there are so many lawyers in the United States.


‘Smart Gun’ Legislation

For anyone who cares to read it I sent this note to my Senator, Ed Markey. I wonder how long it'll take him to get me a draft of the legislation I asked him to prepare?!

Dear Senator Markey:

I am a constituent, though I admit I did not vote for you, and utterly disagree with your proposed 'smart gun' legislation.

I do not want it filed.

The technology is in its infancy. It is unproven and as likely as not would result in a law abiding firearms owner coming to harm when their weapon failed to operate.

And what if there is only one firearm in the home? A husband and wife, for example, need to be able to share their weapon.

Your proposal would deprive those individuals of the right to self defense. Massachusetts has some of the most stringent firearms laws in the nation. And still violent crime has increased since they were passed in 1998. More laws are not what is needed. You won't admit it but you know more 'gun control' laws won't work.

That eventuality will only be another excuse to try and pass yet another set of ever more restrictive firearms laws. Putting violent offenders in jail and providing education and economic opportunities for them upon release to get them away from crime will do much more to help solve the problem.

Why aren't your efforts directed there?

Here's another thought that is guaranteed to help though it is likely anathema to the majority of your party; partner with the NRA to expand firearms education and safe firearm handling in our schools.

Teach children to stay away from a firearm. Teach them in a situation where a firearm must be picked up how to do so safely. Knowledge is a powerful tool. For the life of me I cannot understand why our leaders such as yourself continue to deprive those most in need of knowledge regarding safe handling of a firearm, our children, from getting it.

I ask that you prepare legislation requiring that firearms safety be taught in our schools.

The best 'life insurance' we can give our kids to prevent accidental drowning is teaching them to swim. This is no different.

Please see that a draft of my requested legislation is sent to my attention.

Thank you for the courtesy of your time.
Robert L. Noa, Esq.

What is a 'smart gun'?


How a Competent Boston Accident Lawyer Helps in Workers Comp Claims

Work-related injuries pose a lot of setbacks, especially for injured employees. Inconvenient lifestyle adjustments, as well as temporary or permanent loss of income or even bodily functions, are among these disadvantages. Ultimately, one of the average worker's biggest concerns is the monetary costs, involving treatment and rehabilitation, that arise from such injuries. Their agency or employing company may provide insurance coverage, but sometimes, they need the help of a trusty Boston accident lawyer to get the amounts they need. As the Pacific Standard notes:


A Boston Accident Lawyer Can Help Accident Victims Get Recompense

Life holds many surprises and many of them are pleasant, like stumbling upon your dream job or bumping into a long-lost friend. However, not all of them are fortunate, as is the case with accidents. Sometimes, even something as innocuous as riding an elevator can turn into a harrowing event, as this article from reports:


Hiring a Boston Accident Lawyer to get Fair Workers Compensation

As the capital and largest city of Massachusetts, Boston offers ample opportunities for job seekers and career shifters. These people have to make a smart choice though since some jobs – especially in the construction industry, carry more safety risks than others as JJ Feinauer of Deseret News writes.


Pulling Through with Help from a Credible Boston Accident Lawyer

Vehicular accidents shouldn’t be taken lightly for they can happen to anyone and leave horrible scars on your loved ones. Paul Burton of WBZ-TV in Boston reports:

Eighteen days after the Arborway car crash in Jamaica Plain, 33-year-old Kevin Cellucci is still fighting for his life at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

“It’s very difficult,” Cellucci’s cousin, Pete Alvarado told WBZ-TV. “We’ve never felt like this. Our world is upside down,” Alvarado said.